Problem with F5 BigIP accouting : hexadecimal attribute

Vincent, Fabien fabien.vincent at
Mon Oct 17 17:13:37 CEST 2011

Thanks for your replies/help.

I set in the dictionary.f5 the following value :

ATTRIBUTE       F5-Acct                         14       string

First for the F5 NAS-IP-Address, it's equal to, which I suspect a
strange behavior of the F5 syslog-ng / audit forwarder. But this is not a
problem, I will find how to set it through tmsh or bigpipe shells.

Now, I have the correct output in F5-Acct attribute I've set in the

Thanks all for your help !

If you have any experience with F5 BigIP LTM/GTM accounting, please share
your feedbacks with me (in private of course).

For the specific VSA provided here, is it possible to add by default in
FreeRadius repo ?

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On 17/10/11 12:26, Vincent, Fabien wrote:

> F5-Attr-14 = /[Hexa decimal output starting with 0x 

This happens when an unknown attribute is found. The attribute is 
assumed to be type "octets" and is rendered at hex.

> */++ ATTRIBUTE F5-Attr-14 14 octets/*

This won't help at all. This is ALREADY what FreeRADIUS assumes for 
unknown attributes.


ATTRIBUTE F5-Attr-14 14 string

...and see if it's readable.
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