Framed-IP-Address null value

Alejandro Gandara alex at
Mon Oct 17 17:56:36 CEST 2011

Hello all!

Im testing freeradius in a preproduction machine. I've configured It with
freeradius + Ldap.
At this moment I only need read from ldap  these attributes: user, password
and Framed-IP-Address to assing an IP to an specific User.

The problem cames when i use this:

in /etc/freeradius/sites-enable/default

(authorize section)

 update reply {
                        Framed-IP-Address := "%{Client-IP-Address}"

I got the following error in debug mode:

++? if (NAS-Port-Type == 'Ethernet')
? Evaluating (NAS-Port-Type == 'Ethernetl') -> TRUE
++? if (NAS-Port-Type == 'Ethernet') -> TRUE
++- entering if (NAS-Port-Type == 'Ethernet') {...}
        expand: %{Framed-IP-Address} ->
ERROR: Failed parsing value "" for attribute Framed-IP-Address: Failed to
find IP address for

But if I change %{Framed-IP-Address} this for %{Client-IP-Address}, just to
check if the query is right. I got the result expected "The client IP

Can someone give me some light on the issue?

Thanks very much.

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