setup freeradius to generateng COA

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I have setup 'coa' virtual sever and enabled it. Freeradius is not listening on port 3799. However, I  was wondering how can I make Freeradius to "originate" a COA message?
When using the following example, Freeradius is simply replaied back with a CoA-NAK message. 

echo "Cisco-Account-Info='S10.1.1.1:2813',Cisco-Command-Code='\004 &'" | /usr/local/bin/radclient -x coa testing123

What I am looking is how to make Freeradius to "originate" a COA message using radclient or radtest.


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> Subject: Re: setup freeradius to generateng COA
> Hi,
> look in sites-available read the 'coa' virtual server.... enable it (link it
> from sites-enabled or copy) - then run the server. CoA , be default is on port
> 3799 ...
> alan
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