FreeRadius Losing packets in Multi-Threads mode

Pierre Rondou prondou at
Tue Oct 25 17:00:53 CEST 2011

Hello Alan,

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Alan DeKok a écrit :
> Pierre Rondou wrote:
>> The problem is that the server seems to lose accounting packets in
>> Multithread mode
>    It's possible that you're simply sending packets too fast.  If the
> server doesn't read them from the socket quickly enough, the kernel will
> simply discard them.

Well, then, why is this only happening in the multi-thread mode? If it 
was a kernel issue, wouldn't it drop the packets in the same way for the 
single-thread version?

>> Logging with module "detail" or "linelog" logs only a very little amount
>> (0.5%) of the transmitted packets. The client receive all the answer,
>> but my problem is that I rely on those logs for an other program.
>    It should handle a lot more than .5% of the packets.  It does on my
> system.
>> This only happen when using FreeRadius in Multithread mode, while using
>> it in single-thread (freeradius -s), all the packets are logged correctly.
>> Anyone has a hint on this problem?
>    What *else* is the server doing?  Databases?  Exec'd programs?

Actually, it's a test server (HP Proliant 360 with 16 Gb ram and 
quad-core proc), so nothing is really running on it. MongoDB is 
installed (but nothing is using it), monit and ssh are installed as 
well, and that's it.
The debian was installed with basically nothing.

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