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Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Fri Oct 28 12:49:21 CEST 2011

JennyBlunt <jennyshoehorn at> writes:

> Sorry, my mistake - I had not added as another row in my radcheck table.
> Is there a decent online reference for such commands - I find myself wasting
> a lot of time here and looking through other forums...

The Wiki is starting to look very good.  Thanks to everyone who has

For e.g. your specific question:

There is also a whole lot of great documentation and real life examples
in the default configuration files. Although there may seem to be an
overwhelming number of them, I do recommend briefly looking through all
of them from time to time.  You will probably go "hey, that looks like a
useful feature I might need one day!" at least once every time.

The main problem with the documentation and configuration is that
FreeRADIUS is a very powerful and flexible toolbox, being capable of
doing a whole lot of things that you may not need.  The flexibility and
feature set implies that there is a whole lot of documentation to read.
That's work.  There are no shortcuts.

There is of course also the issue that there is a whole lot of
documentation to write... But most of that job is actually done.  Which
makes reading it much more work :-) 

And if you still find that your issue wasn't documented, then this *is*
an open source project.  Which means that the source code can and should
be used as a reference as well.  And that anyone is welcome to fix any
shortcoming they find, both in source or documentation.


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