ntlm_auth reconnection without login data?

Andreas Rudat rudat at endstelle.de
Fri Oct 28 16:24:17 CEST 2011

ah, I see, if I disconnect from wlan, there is also no response from
radius no disconnect response.

Am 28.10.2011 15:49, schrieb Andreas Rudat:
> Am 28.10.2011 08:55, schrieb Fajar A. Nugraha:
>> On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 1:46 PM, Andreas Rudat <rudat at endstelle.de> wrote:
>>> sorry for that. I use 802.1x
>> 802.1 wired? wireless?
>>> and I'm wondering if I connect again
>> What do you mean by "connect again"? unplug the cable and plug it
>> again? Trun off the wireless adapter and turn it on again? Logout and
>> login?
>>> at
>>> radius, I don't see any reactions in my debug output of radius, so at
>>> the first time you see how the peap tunnel is getting up, challange
>>> response and so on.
>>> Radius is running on Pfsense 2.0 and the clients are connecting with
>>> wpa2 Windows/Linux
>> >From your (very brief) description, the best answer I can give is "ask the NAS".
>> FR debug would preety print much print out everything it does. If it
>> doesn't print anything, it's not doing anything. Not even accepting
>> any packets.
>> Why didn't it recive any packet? Probably because the NAS doesn't send
>> anything (which is why I said "ask the NAS").
>> Why didn't the NAS send any packet? There are several possible options. Namely:
>> - the NAS cache authentication result
>> - the session was never terminated
>> So, ask the NAS. I'm GUESSING that you were never disconnected in the
>> first place.
> It seems it is the NAS, it is AP with openwrt on it, but cannot find any
> thing there what could be the problem.

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