IPv6 ready?

Sergio NNX sfhacker at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 31 09:11:06 CET 2011


Just wondering if FR supports IPv6 addresses since I'm unable to start the server when using IPv6.

I've changed (or uncommented) a couple of lines in radiusd.conf under 'listen' section: ipv6addr = :: and then I tried to start the server but no way. It works ok when using IPv4.

FR spits out: Failed binding to authentication address 0:0: .... port 1812: Bad file descriptor.
FR server has been built with IPv6 support.

Another question is: are you aware of any (client) tool for testing FR when using IPv6 addresses? eapol_test doesn't seem to know anything about :: or ::1

Do the below lines from radiusd.conf require any change when IPv6?

detail {
             detailfile = ${radacctdir}/%{Client-IP-Address}/detail-%Y%m%d.log

Sorry about asking many questions at the same time but they're all related.

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