Duplicate Radius Accounting

Christopher Manigan cmanigan at towerstream.com
Mon Aug 6 15:13:44 CEST 2012

In my logs I see many entries like the following:

Info: WARNING: Child is hung for request 51651 in component <core> module <queue>.3
Error: Dropping request (2049 is too many): from client myhost.mysite port 32869 - ID: 239

In the last ~10 hours, the status server reports the following for accounting:

Responses	 0
Duplicate	 954442
Malformed	 115045
Invalid	 564029
Dropped	 0
Unknown	 0

Radius will hang and start to time out and eventually die.  It looks like the duplicate count gets extremely high very quickly.  Could it be the NAS that are pointing to it?  Or could it be my radius configs somehow causing this?  I am not really sure how to prove it out or troubleshoot.  I can increase the max requests but I don't think that is the right solution.


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