Duplicate Radius Accounting

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Aug 6 17:39:10 CEST 2012

On 06/08/12 16:11, Christopher Manigan wrote:

> So that eliminates any malformed/invalid/zero response issues.  As
> for the errors I see in the logs, I do not believe it to be a slow
> database.  The database is responsive to other queries against the
> radius database while we experience timeouts and crashses.

Unless you are querying with the same type of queries against the same 
tables, that doesn't mean much. SQL servers are capable of parallel 
operation, and read versus write queries behave different, of course.

Alan's suggestion is a good one - when people report this problem it's 
almost always slow SQL servers. Specifically, it's usually people who 
are putting their accounting into SQL, but aren't maintaining the SQL 
table e.g. there are too few or too many indices, they're not archiving 
off old rows, etc.

The other thing to check is the "radutmp" module, which is very slow 
when the "utmp" file is large, and almost always unused and/or inferior 
to SQL. Other things to check are LDAP queries or "exec" scripts.

I assume you are running 2.1.12, and not an older version (which might 
contain bugs, but probably not ones which cause this behaviour).

> Do you have any suggestions on how we might troubleshoot that end of
> it?

Either run the server in debug mode with "radiusd -X" and look how it is 
responding under load, or use standard system admin tools to determine 
load patterns (top, vmstat, iostat, strace, etc.)

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