Problem with EAP Authentication working not every time

stefan novak lms.brubaker at
Wed Aug 8 11:59:33 CEST 2012

> when you say clients, you just mean these rad_eap_test requests?  I assume
> you are using
> NAGIOS...and that occasionally you are getting a WARNING for the RADIUS
> server?  yes?
> its a bug in rap_eap_test as far as I can see - I moved to a native
> eapol_test with my NAGIOS
> because of this bug. rad_eap_test is not maintained as far as i can see.
no the real clients are Ubiquiti ( Nanostation M5 on Ubiquiti
Rocket M5 AccessPoints.
we encountered the problem that sometimes the rekey'ing from eap not works
and disconnects the client.
the radius logs then an "access-reject"

now i am sure that the ubnt clients maybe the problem. now i am thinking of
the next debug steps....

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