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Mauricio Harley mauricio.brito at
Thu Aug 16 20:38:59 CEST 2012

Dear friends,


I searched list archive, but I couldn't find anything about this.  I need to correctly design and deploy a brand new FreeRADIUS server.  It will receive about 25.000 simultaneous users, so I'm planning to have, at least, two servers.


My questions are:


1.       What would be recommended server hardware (memory, disk, CPU, ...) and software (Linux distribution, kernel version, ...)?

2.       How could I synchronize both servers' users?  I mean, in the beginning, I'd have two separate /etc/shadow files but this is not scalable.  I need to share a single file between both servers.  Is it possible?  How?

3.       Any recommendations to the backup policy?


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