New FreeRADIUS Deployment

Julson, Jim jjulson at MARKETRON.COM
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1.       What would be recommended server hardware (memory, disk, CPU, ...) and software (Linux distribution, kernel version, ...)?

Anything standard and new will do the trick here.  You don't need "Pie in the sky", just make sure you have

2.       How could I synchronize both servers' users?  I mean, in the beginning, I'd have two separate /etc/shadow files but this is not scalable.  I need to share a single file between both servers.  Is it possible?  How?

Do you have a SAN that you could utilize?  For performance, I'd suggest a MySQL Cluster running on something with quite a few spindles.  The SAN provides great performance in that arena.  Otherwise, you are looking at having to do a Master/Slave scenario for MySQL DB Replication

3.       Any recommendations to the backup policy?

Just your standard nightly full backups to disk, then to either tape, SAN or offsite storage of some kind.

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