Framed-Protocol PPP question

Jonas Fornander support at
Sat Aug 18 21:39:42 CEST 2012

Now it works great (with the user added to the TOP of the file).
I did not follow the instructions even though I thought I did so.

Here it is from the configuration HOW-TO:
Edit /etc/raddb/users and create an example user account as the first entry. i.e. at the top of the file, such as:

Thanks for the help.

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Jonas Fornander wrote:
> So if I understand this correctly, the users file is processed and 
> when it reaches line 172, there is a match and since no Fall-Through 
> is set, it stops processing the rest of the file so it actually never 
> reaches the username entry?

  That's what the documentation says it does.

> Is my choices to either comment out the DEFAULT entries or add the 
> usernames to the top of the file?

  That's the idea.

  Alan DeKok.
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