Recording post auth sql data

Franks Andy (RLZ) IT Systems Engineer Andy.Franks at
Tue Aug 21 14:33:00 CEST 2012

  Hope this is a quick request for someone to answer, been googling and
can't find the reply.
I've altered the post-auth sql recording data a bit from the standard
schema - I wanted to record some of the details of the request packet
without relying on the NAS to do "proper" accounting, which I haven't
got into yet. I'd quite like to record the attribute ClientShortname as
referred to by the clients.conf file, but expansion of
'%{request:Client-Short-Name}' didn't seem to work - blank string.
Can I do this? Sometimes the "Nas-Identifier" attribute reported by the
NAS isn't all that useful and the local definition in the clients file
would be better.
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