Ussing many MAC Address wih one user

Andres Gomez Ruiz andres.gomez at
Tue Aug 21 16:20:56 CEST 2012

Hi everybody!!

Im using freeradius in a simple way (freeradius + MySQL). I have some users
attached to some groups... it works fine!! The groups have some simple
attributes like  "Max-All-Session" in radgroupcheck table.

Now I need to limit the users to some MAC Address.
I mean, I have the User "AAAA" and I need use it only with these MAC

I'm using the atributte Calling-Station-Id in the radcheck table, like this:

AAAA  Calling-Station-Id == 00:23:8B:7F:47:DD

It works fine, but just for only one MAC address, If I put 2 or more MAC
address It doesnt work.

What can I do in order to enable some MAC Address attached to users in
mysql database? (not only one?)

Thanks !!


**Andres Gomez*
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