OpenDirectory VLAN Assignment by Group

Theparanoidone Theparanoidone theparanoidone at
Tue Aug 21 21:43:40 CEST 2012

Hi Klaus~

>> DEFAULT Group-Name == "testgroup"
>>          Tunnel-Type = 13,
>>          Tunnel-Medium-Type = 6,
>>          Tunnel-Private-Group-Id = "101",
>>          Fall-Through = no
>>   You do realize that format is incorrect, right?  The extra blank line is wrong.
> Do to email pasting mistake.  Actual config does not have blank line.

>>>>  It seems it just happened again.  Could you make sure the Line  DEFAULT Group-Name == "testgroup"  is only terminated with 0x0a and not with 0x0d 0x0a

Good eye... I believe this yahoo web mail pasting related.  But this is a valid point (if it pastes wrong into a browser, maybe it is wrong?).  However, I checked it with xxd  and can confirm the lines only end in 0x0a

From Phil's prior post, it looks like we have narrowed in on a different handling of OpenDirectory groups in old Snow Leopard versus new Mountain Lion ... the output of python -c '\  > import grp;\  > print "testuser" in grp.getgrnam("testgroup").gr_mem'    is different between the two machines.   If I can locate what is causing the different behavior in nsswitch/directoryservice (or some other core config)  ... I'll post it back.

Thank you Klaus, Phil, and Alan for you help.

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