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Okay new related question.  I have these working:

ldap ldap1 { ... }
ldap ldap2 { ... }
ldap ldap3 { ... }

Is there an $INCLUDE syntax for modules (is it perhaps just $INCLUDE ./file) that will load ./file in the current context that I can use so that ldap1, ldap2, and ldap3 can share all of their common settings?  At the moment, I just have them all duplicated, which works, but doesn't scale well.

Thanks again!


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> I get the following errors from "radiusd -XC":
> /etc/raddb/sites-enabled/campus-main[179]: Failed to load module "ldap1".
> /etc/raddb/sites-enabled/campus-main[179]: Failed to parse "ldap1" entry.
> /etc/raddb/sites-enabled/campus-main[70]: Errors parsing authorize section.
> I tried copying modules/ldap to modules/ldap1, but that didn't work.  Also changed the ldap { ... } in modules/ldap1 to ldap1 { ... }.  No help there.
> This must be some syntactical aliasing that I haven't set up.  What am I missing?  For now, ldap1, ldap2, and ldap3 can all be identical (for testing).  As it happens, they point to at the moment, which is itself a DNS round robin.  My plan is that if it fails on the first attempt, it should attempt at least two more times, likely hitting different real servers before actually failing.

You need to create another instance of ldap. See here:
"In other words if in radiusd.conf we configure an ldap module instance like: ldap myname { [...] }"

Change "ldap { ... }" to "ldap ldap1 { ... }" and it should solve your issue.

Good luck,
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