Virtual server by client data

BILLOT emmanuel.billot at
Wed Aug 29 10:46:17 CEST 2012


Thanks for reply.

> Depends.
> One of the following should be applicable
> (1) If the NAS is different (i.e. each VLAN has its own NAS), you can
> take a look at raddb/sites-available/dynamic-clients. Basically it can
> choose a virtual server based on Packet-Src-IP-Address attribute (i.e.
> the NAS IP as seen by FR)
Same NAS for all VLAN
> (2) If the request is plain PAP/MSCHAP, you should be able to tell the
> default virtual server to proxy it to another virtual server using
> unlang and Proxy-To-Realm
It is. (EAP/TTLS with PAP) I can't see what you mean here.
> (3) use the same virtual server, but do selective processing (with
> unlang) based on some attributes that the NAS sends. e.g. if an
> attribute has value A, call module sql1, while if the value is B, call
> module sql2.
This is a way but i'd like to use 2 differents config (config should 
change in futur for each vlan)

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