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Ok, that makes sense, would work better I think if I had an include file similar to the users file in a sense, which I assume I can do but not tried in the middle of a section, I could then ditch the users file. Problem is "users" is kind of nice, plus it's marginally easier to read for the less experienced of the network team here than unlang would be, so undecided there.
I've tried the operator syntax again, and it seems from playing around a little more that I need a value following the !* operator, i.e. Reply-Message !* "". Is this correct?
Thanks again, and I'll consider your suggestion Alan.

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>    Any ideas?

why not just put the required stuff into the post-auth - either still using the files entries.... or using unlang eg something like

if("%{User-Name}% =~ /[frankdsa|everdstons|kirddksa|kefls]/ && NAS-IP-Address =~ /192\.168\.104\./ ){                                                              
update reply {                                                                        
           Reply-Message += "Welcome %{User-Name}\n",                                                                                 
           Reply-Message += "Admin access",
           Cisco-AVPair := "shell:priv-lvl=15"



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