rlm_radutmp Logout entry for NAS has wrong ID

Robertson, Joshua A. J2Robert at odu.edu
Thu Aug 30 15:28:38 CEST 2012

But if it were a problem with the NAS shouldn't I be seeing it on both FreeRADIUS boxes?  I have the same NAS hitting both servers but I'm only seeing the errors logged on one of them...

Josh Robertson
Network Systems Senior Engineer
Old Dominion University
Office of Computing & Communications Services
j2robert at odu.edu

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Robertson, Joshua A. wrote:
> I recently setup two FreeRADIUS servers and have them set as 
> primary/secondary on Cisco WiSM2 wireless controllers.  On one of the 
> two FreeRADIUS servers everything’s going great and I see the logins 
> flying by in the logs, however on the other FreeRADIUS server I keep 
> seeing the following in the logs:
> rlm_radutmp: Logout entry for NAS <wireless controller name> port 13 
> has wrong ID

  Buy a NAS that works.

  Or, if you're not using "radlast", just delete all references to radutmp from the config.

  Alan DeKok.
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