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Thu Aug 30 15:35:13 CEST 2012

> >  Hi,  i new bie in Freeradius i am facing problem that when i run radiusd with 'radiusd -X' command it it is genrating log of it in log file but when i run radiusd with 'radiusd' command it is not genrating it log in log file.. anyone please help me in this :(
> Um when you run radiusd -X it prints everything to stdout...
> you can use -x[xx] to add additional debugging in daemon mode...
> -Arran

I believe the question was how to get a log file in non-debug mode. Have a look at the main configuration file. It depends on your distro where it is installed. (For example in Debian it is /etc/freeradius/radiusd.conf).

In that file you find a variable "logdir" at global scope and normally you find a section

log {

where all the logging related parameters are defined. But normally the ditro has sane defaults there. Perhaps your are looking for the log file in the wrong place? Or freeradiusn logs to the syslog deamon? The you have to find out, what the syslog daemon does with the logging messages.


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