Question setting up Virtual Servers with unique clients / users files.

Zach Simpson zdsimpso at
Fri Aug 31 19:22:37 CEST 2012


I'm relatively new to FreeRADIUS, and I'm working on moving the
administrative logins of our network devices (switches, routers, etc) to it.

I was planning on using AD as my data source and creating groups (ex.
Switches, Routers) so people could easily be assigned permissions for the
various devices.  I believe I have the AD/Ldap Group retrieval parts

What I'm having issues with is creating user file rules for each group of
devices.  I have a few rules in the users file that look like this:

DEFAULT Ldap-Group == "Switch Admins"
	Reply-Message = "Welcome Switch Admin!"
DEFAULT Ldap-Group == "Router Admins"
	Reply-Message = "Welcome Router Admin!"

But the issue is that if a user is a member of both groups, it stops at the
first match.

Is there a way to specify a specific "users" file for each entry in the
"Clients" file?  I'm thinking that to do this I will need to setup a virtual
server for each client group, but I'm not finding much in the ways of sample
configurations that let me specify the "users" file as well.


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