rlm_ldap attribute mappings 3.0

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at freeradius.org
Sat Dec 1 14:33:09 CET 2012

Hi All,

Following from previous threads the old attribute mapping scheme in rlm_ldap has been removed in the 3.0 branch. Existing mapping files should be converted to the new configuration file format.

	#  Mapping of RADIUS dictionary attributes to LDAP directory attributes.
	#  WARNING: Although this format is almost identical to the unlang 
	#  update section format, it does *NOT* mean that you can use other
	#  unlang constructs in module configuration files.
	#  Configuration items are in the format:
	# 	<radius attribute> <op> <ldap attribute>
	#  Where:
	#  	<radius attribute>:	The destination RADIUS attribute
	# 			with any valid list and request qualifiers.
	#  	<op>: 		Is any assignment attribute (=, :=, +=, -=).
	#  	<ldap attribute>:	The attribute in the associated 
	# 			with user or profile objects in the LDAP 
	# 			directory. If the attribute name is wrapped in 
	# 			double quotes it will be xlat expanded.
	#  Request and list qualifiers may also be placed after the section
	#  name to set defaults for unqualified RADIUS attributes.
	update reply {
#		control:NT-Password 	:= ntPassword
#		Reply-Message		:= radiusReplyMessage
#		Tunnel-Type		:= radiusTunnelType
#		Tunnel-Medium-Type	:= radiusTunnelMediumType
#		Tunnel-Private-Group-ID := radiusTunnelPrivategroupId

Unlike normal update sections, the list after update can also contain request qualifiers, and the pairs can contain both request and list qualifiers that override the default.

The righthand operand may also be xlat expanded (if double quoted), though as with any expansion you'll incurr a small performance penalty. I don't really see any use cases for this, but it's consistent with normal update section behaviour.

Hopefully we'll be able to expand the enhanced update section format to the main server config before 3.0 is released.

I was also thinking about possibly adding group and profile update sections. Currently the main update section applies to all profiles processed. But wanted to see if people would find them useful first. Would you find that useful?

Testing/feedback appreciated.


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