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Mon Dec 3 12:52:59 CET 2012

Thanks Fajar!

I'm not an expertise, but I know how to work with a database, I've done 
this for some years.

My doubt is about the replication of radacct specifically.

I'll try to do it using the robust-proxy-accounting.

best regards


Em 01/12/2012 04:15, Fajar A. Nugraha escreveu:
> On Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 8:37 AM, fknet <ffkammer at> wrote:
>> Hello, anyone can help me with this doubt???
> Short answer: hire a competent DBA.
> Long answer:
> Your question was asked so many times already by others. Search the
> list archive for details. The short summary is there's no silver
> bullet. It depends on what your priorites are, and what kind of
> resource you have (e.g. do you have a competent DBA? FR expert? Or
> just some newbie-who-only-knows-how-to-install-stuff-using-GUI-or-apt-get?).
>> Can I replicate the radacc table of mysql database without any problem ???
> You can. But if you don't have an expert DBA, you most certainly WILL
> have problems. Some things to watch out when going this route:
> - make sure you can switch between master and slave. For example, when
> the master fails, one of the slaves must became master, either
> automatically or manually. And the other slaves (including the
> failed-master-who-was-demoted-to-slave-when-it-comes-back-up) must be
> able to sync data from the master
> - make sure you DON'T have duplicate records (e.g. when using
> multi-master scenario) which would prevent replication
> Confused? If so, hire a dba. Or spend some time (one month or so) to
> learn about it
>> Or need I use proxy in freeradius?
> You can choose that if you like. This is an alternative where you
> don't need db replication. For example, you can have two sets of FR
> and db, each FR only connects to each own db. And set it up so that:
> - For auth, you need to sync radcheck/reply/etc db manually
> - For acct, see examples in raddb/sites-available (e.g.
> decoupled-accounting, copy-acct-to-home-server,
> robust-proxy-accounting) to have accouting packets distributed to both
> FRs
> Confused? If so, hire a freeradius expert. Or spend some time (one
> month or so) to learn and experiment more.
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> Fajar
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