FreeRadius authentication problems

Primož Marinšek pmtelos at
Tue Dec 4 09:34:42 CET 2012

On 4 December 2012 08:32, Taneli Virtanen <virtanentaneli at> wrote:
> So, apparently it never actually does connect to it, but since the
> authentication happens OK on the FreeRadius side, I'm left to believe that
> it is in fact Ruckus who isn't happy with me trying to join the network.

I'm still a big noob with freeRADIUS but I will say that it works ok
as I know that smart people are coding it. I've seen ZD work with
freeRADIUS and other RADIUS's with no issues at all also, so please
tell me which FW you are running on the ZD?

Primož Marinšek

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