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Alexandre J. Correa (Onda) alexandre at
Tue Dec 4 21:50:04 CET 2012


I need to track some type of 'user group'. i´m doing this to not 
overload my database servers.

into the radgroupreply table i need to 'create' one attribute like:

Check-Bandwidth := [0,1]

i added this attribute in groupreply, in my dictionary file and i can 
see this attribute in the 'authorization' section.

How i can pass it to 'accouting' section ? maybe setting global variable 
for this session ?

the purpose of doing this is to check if value is 1, freeradius need to 
track this user every interim-update, Start and Stop Packet-Type. if 
value is 0, freeradius skip this user from checking.

... this is the 'best' way ? if anyone has a better way.. and can 
share.. i´ll be thankful !!



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