Git master branch & Debian build

Zenon Mousmoulas zmousm at
Wed Dec 5 15:57:26 CET 2012

On 05/12/2012 3:44 μ.μ., Alan DeKok wrote:
> Zenon Mousmoulas wrote:
>> My understanding of the above is that
>> (a) Boilermake seems to work on Ubuntu, no idea why.
>    Because it's working as designed.

Any clue as to what is special about Ubuntu 12.04 that enables 
boilermake to work?

The same or slightly newer versions of the same tools (build-deps) are 
used in Debian Wheezy.

>> (a) Boilermake is unusable on Debian, so once the old build system is
>> phased out, package builds will be impossible.
>    <sigh>  Or, you can help us fix the problem.

I certainly want to, but I need someone more knowledgeable than me about 
boilermake to guide me to the right direction how to investigate this 
sort of thing:

# ldd build/bin/radiusd
build/lib/.libs/ (0x00007ff8685a2000)
build/lib/.libs/ (0x00007ff86839f000)

>> (b) Jlibtool does not work with dependencies,
>    What does that mean?
What I meant was that
a) the libraries should have a SONAME attribute.
b) the ABI version should be included in the SONAME attribute (as well 
as the library file name), as this would enable coexistence of e.g. 
libfreeradius2 and libfreeradius3. Without versions, there would be 
conflicts as both packages would claim 
/usr/lib/freeradius/ etc.

I didn't make this up :) I'm just paraphrasing (perhaps badly) the 

A fellow DD noted private libraries, as in /usr/lib/freeradius, are not 
tracked by dh_makeshlibs, dpkg-shlibdeps etc. so having a SONAME is not 

The 2.1.x packages in Debian do have both (a) and (b).

In any case, coexistence would be good to have.

>    This is open source software.

Well understood :)

Does this thread also belong to freeradius-devel ?


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