Accounting with Freeradius.

Tzvika Gelber daragaard at
Wed Dec 5 17:18:47 CET 2012

I have one Freeradius server that i need to give to an outsource client of
the problem is that he is not a very Linux oriented (to put it gently) and
have even less skills in any form of SQL.

he is going to cover some of our tests and some of them are
the accounting side of connected Clients.
I know that FR has accounting enabled by default but in order to follow
the accounting you need to have MySql installed and know how to look in to
the SQL DB to fined the right entry's.

is there a Graphic way to get that info? what i'm asking is this, does one
of the "FreeRadius" GUI's out there can also interface with the MySql
server and show the accounting info?
if so - what one?

Thank you.

Sometimes you just glow in the dark...
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