Python access to attribute lists

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Wed Dec 5 20:26:28 CET 2012


> I wonder if a better option wouldn't be something like
> "rlm_unixsocket" which passes the request down a unix socket in a
> standard format, and takes the reply in the same way. Then the
> various interpreters could run "out-of-process".

I was thinking about the same thing the other day after the mumblings
about removing rlm_perl from FreeRADIUS.....we dotn need that much really.
just a way of passing some details into external code and passing some details
back (the external code in our case is PERL as its just so darn flexible
and extensible...)..... i was thinking of having the PERL code running
as a background process like our other PERL code (which removes a lot
of issues and means everything can be nicely threaded etc) with some
'exec'd code to throw the values to it and get an answer back...... rlm_rest
might be an alternative as you say.  

whilst I like our case, we've been simmering a slow-cook stew
with our RADIUS configurations/adjustments/changes over the years so a few new broken
eggs for a quick snack might not be to everyones taste (basically all our local
scripts for various servers would have to be rewritten from almost scratch
(the joys of PERL being our local modules/subroutines which can just be dropped
into the new handler/code) 

but a unix socket approach would be far more efficient I feel  (cue the
screams from people with other ideas! )

likewise too busy with other projects/work/issues 


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