Eduroam & FreeRadius not working so well

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Thu Dec 6 11:16:16 CET 2012


> home_server_pool EDUROAM-FTLR {
>         type                    = fail-over
>         home_server             = proxy1
>         home_server             = proxy2
> }

I would use:  

type = client-port-balance

to balance between the 2. (that method ensures the EAP goes to one remote server)

> realm DEFAULT {
>         pool = EDUROAM-FTLR
>         nostrip
> }

hmmmm, this isnt best practice if thats all you have for throwing stuff upstream. woulf
strongly recommend using unlang to validate that the user has valid realm etc and then
update the request to use a realm identifier (eg eduroam) and use that in proxy.conf instead -
thus you are only sending valid users upstream (and not all the random typos and junk)
as the upstream servers will like you more for that - and wont be dropping requests and messing
you up.


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