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Thu Dec 6 15:28:05 CET 2012

I test it on version 2.2.0 ( server side ).
Alan coudl you please check it, thx.

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BALSIANOK, Peter wrote:
> I use standard dictionary attribute 3GPP-SGSN-Address, which is 
> located in ( in old and new one version of freeradius )
> [radiusd at tdrad1 test]$ /app/radius/freeradius-2.2.0/bin/radclient -x 
> -t
> 10 -r 1 -f wapgtw/acct.req -d
> /app/radius/freeradius-2.2.0/etc/raddb/ggsn-acct/ localhost:2813 acct
> testing123
> [files] WARNING: Unknown module "3GPP-SGSN-Address" in string expansion "%"

  Are you running 2.2.0 on the server side?  Older versions of the server had issues where they didn't like a number as the first character of an attribute expansion.

  2.2.0 fixed that.

  Alan DeKok.
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