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Jed Gainer jedgainer at
Fri Dec 7 06:58:09 CET 2012

Hello everyone,



there is

%b      unix time value of beginning of reset period

which makes things like

        sqlcounter counterChilliSpotMaxTotalOctetsDaily {
                        counter-name = ChilliSpot-Max-Total-Octets-Daily
                        check-name = CS-Total-Octets-Daily
                        counter-type = data
                        reply-name = ChilliSpot-Max-Total-Octets
                        sqlmod-inst = sql
                        key = User-Name
                        reset = daily
                        query = "SELECT IFNULL((SUM(AcctInputOctets +
AcctOutputOctets)),0) FROM radacct WHERE UserName='%{%k}' AND
UNIX_TIMESTAMP(AcctStartTime) + AcctSessionTime > '%b'"


how would i get the value of %b for a user from say PHP so i can calc
and show them how much bandwidth they have left?

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