Setting up multiple NULL realms

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Dec 11 01:56:33 CET 2012

Chris Taylor wrote:
> The problem I am running into is this. Each of the domains that I am
> collapsing had multiple users that would just connect with “username”.

  Go fix that.  Doing ANYTHING else means you have hacks on top of
hacks, and an unmaintainable system.

> I
> can setup the NULL realm but I have only been successful in getting it
> to work for one of my domains (, all others (I.E.
>, will get a password reject error as it
> queries against that virtual server and subsequent OU, I have tried to
> setup multiple virtual servers in the realm NULL setup  but that doesn’t
> work. I have looked in the mailing list archives and searched the net
> but I have not been able to find anything related to this.

  Because this isn't a realm issue.

> What way should I be going about this?

  Get the users to log in with user at domain.tld

  Until then, create a global map of all usernames, and which domains
they belong to.  Many usernames will be unique.  Those can have the
realm added, so that they work.  For non-unique ones, there's really
nothing you can do but change what the users are entering.

  Alan DeKok.

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