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Raz Muhammad raz.muhammad at
Tue Dec 11 18:07:33 CET 2012



I have a very simple query regarding following radius.log entry when a PPP
session is disconnected following log entry is logged:



"Sun Dec  9 20:46:05 2012 : Info: Released IP xx.xx.xx.xx (did  cli
010010010 user xxx at xxx)"


I would like to know what part of the configuration will enable/disable
"Released IP" logging to radius.log file. I am using the "default" site
file. It used to work for me before, but I had to make a change to disable
simultaneous login feature. I disabled the radutmp feature in the sites
default file in the "accounting" section and the "session" section.


I also disabled "sqlippool" feature which is was left enabled for some
reason, but we don't use any sqlippool feature.





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