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>Raz Muhammad wrote:
>> I have a very simple query regarding following radius.log entry when a
>> PPP session is disconnected following log entry is logged:
>> “Sun Dec  9 20:46:05 2012 : Info: Released IP xx.xx.xx.xx (did  cli
>> 010010010 user xxx at xxx)”
>  That message doesn't appear anywhere in the source code.  My guess is that
>you edited the local configuration to add it.
>  Alan DeKok.
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Hi Alan,

Many thanks for your response. But I was sure that it must be something related to a setting in the default file. This is in fact related to the "sqlippool" setting in the default file. 

#This is for enabling dynamic IPPOOL feature using MySQL
        #  Log traffic to an SQL database.
        #  See "Accounting queries" in sql.conf


I had the "sqlippool" commented out, and that resulted in loss of "Released IP ....." log message. Now after un-commenting this "sqlippool" I have got the relevant information back in the radius.log file.


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