share information between authorize and authenticate sections (rlm_perl & rlm_python)

laurent.feron at laurent.feron at
Wed Dec 12 23:04:14 CET 2012


If someone can advise me...
How to share information between the authorize() function and the authenticate() function within a perl or python script ?
For example, i get some information from a database in authorize() that will reuse it in authenticate()?
I could resubmit the sql request again, but it is clearly not efficient.

in perl, i could write some new attributes in RAD_CHECK ??, then authenticate() will access them.
in python, attributes are read only, so i cannot use them to pass information to authenticate().
A simple database, like redis, could be a solution by adding info with the id of the request (with Message-Authenticator as key)?

If someone has an idea, it is very welcome...


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