Problem with proxying request

BALSIANOK, Peter Peter.Balsianok at
Wed Dec 19 10:10:36 CET 2012

IMHO i found where is the problem. The problem is here:

[radiusd at tdrad1 test]$ netstat -apun | grep 45072
(Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info
 will not be shown, you would have to be root to see it all.)
udp        0      0*                               29980/radiusd

The IP address is not correct.

Listening on accounting address * port 2813
Listening on accounting address * port 2646
Opening new proxy address port 0
Listening on proxy address port 45072
Ready to process requests.

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On 18/12/12 15:29, BALSIANOK, Peter wrote:
> No iptables, ipfw, pf, etc. . When i use radclient and sends 
> accounting request ( from server were freeradius is placed ) to 
> 3rdparty radius i got correct answer.

Then use ordinary system diagnostic tools (strace, etc.) to determine why the packet isn't being received.

FreeRADIUS prints out a message every time it receives a packet in debug mode. If it's not printing anything, it didn't receive it.

What OS are you on, and how do you have your proxying configured? The tcpdump output you show has name resolution turned on, so it's hard to check, but are you the server "listen" config is setup correctly?
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