Sub-TLVs how to have the same kind of descriptor twice

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Thu Dec 20 20:03:48 CET 2012

Hi David,

thanks for your quick reply.

On 12/20/2012 03:35 PM, David Peterson wrote:
> You follow the dictionary in the order set inside of it.  

The dictionary:

ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-QoS-Descriptor                    29      tlv
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-QoS-Id                            29.1    byte
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Global-Service-Class-Name         29.2    string #
6 octets
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Service-Class-Name                29.3    string
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Schedule-Type                     29.4    byte
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Traffic-Priority                  29.5    byte
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Maximum-Sustained-Traffic-Rate    29.6    integer
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Minimum-Reserved-Traffic-Rate     29.7    integer
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Maximum-Traffic-Burst             29.8    integer
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Tolerated-Jitter                  29.9    integer
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Maximum-Latency                   29.10   integer
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Reduced-Resources-Code            29.11   byte
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Media-Flow-Type                   29.12   byte
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Unsolicited-Grant-Interval        29.13   short
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-SDU-Size                          29.14   short
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Unsolicited-Polling-Interval      29.15   short
ATTRIBUTE       WiMAX-Media-Flow-Description-SDP        29.16   string

One of my QoS flows:

>         WiMAX-QoS-Id+=2,
>         WiMAX-Schedule-Type+=2,
>         WiMAX-Traffic-Priority+=1,
>         WiMAX-Maximum-Sustained-Traffic-Rate+=128000,

Since I get good results if I use only one QOS profile, I assume that I
can skip attributes and that I'm not required to use them all.
(Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

> Once you hit the
> end of your list of attributes the QoS profile is complete.  

And this is the part that I do not understand:

If I continue by using a second QoS profile:

>         WiMAX-QoS-Id+=3,
>         WiMAX-Schedule-Type+=2,
>         WiMAX-Traffic-Priority+=1,
>         WiMAX-Maximum-Sustained-Traffic-Rate+=128000

I expected freeradius to see that WiMAX-QoS-Id is an element of a new
tlv. And then create a new WiMAX-QoS-Descriptor for it. (Instead of
combining the data for the two QoS profiles into one WiMAX-QoS-Descriptor.)

Is my ASN violating some standard by not accepting one
WiMAX-QoS-Descriptor containing data from two QoS profiles?

If that is the case, is there another workaround beside putting
something between the two QoS profiles? (This is what I did by adding

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