Need Help - Problem Working With Session Time Out

Prabhpal S. Mavi prabhpal at
Fri Dec 21 09:04:24 CET 2012

Hi Dear List Members,
Radius do not send session timeout attribute in result user do not log off
after time expired. Can anyone help please? what i have done.

enabled cunters.sql in "radius.conf & sql.sonf" my counters.

sqlcounter noresetcounter {
        counter-name = Max-All-Session-Time
                check-name = Max-All-Session
                sqlmod-inst = sql
                key = User-Name
                reset = never
        query = "SELECT IFNULL(SUM(AcctSessionTime),0) FROM radacct WHERE

radiusd -X
INTERVAL (%{%{Acct-Session-Time}:-0}


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