Regular expresion problem

BALSIANOK, Peter Peter.Balsianok at
Fri Dec 28 14:06:42 CET 2012


I want to use regular expression in acct_users file

DEFAULT Called-Station-Id =~ /orangewap/i, Proxy-To-Realm := realm_orangewap
        Called-Station-Id = "%{Called-Station-Id}.%{3GPP-SGSN-Address}"

Debug output:
reading pairlist file /app/radius/raddb/ggsn//users
reading pairlist file /app/radius/raddb/ggsn//acct_users
/app/radius/raddb/ggsn//acct_users[25]: Parse error (check) for entry DEFAULT: No regular expression found in Called-Station-Id
Errors reading /app/radius/raddb/ggsn//acct_users
/app/radius/raddb/ggsn//modules/files[7]: Instantiation failed for module "files"
/app/radius/raddb/ggsn//sites-enabled/default[170]: Failed to find "files" in the "modules" section.
/app/radius/raddb/ggsn//sites-enabled/default[69]: Errors parsing authorize section.
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