Multiple values for reply attributes in radreply

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I am trying to send back the same attribute in radreply and /or
radgroupreply with different values to the NAS

example :
NAS send a Auth Request.
Freeradius accept the request and send back attributes in radreply (or
radgroupreply) (via sql table)

Problem : sending back the same attributes with different values seems to
not be possible. only the first attribute is sent back
radreply table (id/username/attribute/op/value) content:

2    toto    Cisco-AVPair    =
3    toto    Cisco-AVPair    =

I tried also without cisco-avpair in the same radreply table:

4    toto    h323-ivr-in    =
5    toto    h323-ivr-in    =

Both case the received attributes on NAS side
h323-ivr-in    =    Routing:;expires=30;np_expires=40

Before these tests I tried simply the radtest tool for the same user and
apparently Freeradius is sending back ONLY the oldest ID from the table
radreply and NOT all the IDs matched by the select request.
Also tested using USERS file with the same replies :
h323-ivr-in    =    Routing:;expires=30;np_expires=40,
h323-ivr-in    =    Routing:;expires=30;np_expires=40,
Fall-Through = Yes

There is something to do in the configuration to fix /allow that?

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