Accounting not working

John Corps envoys at
Tue Jan 3 16:44:08 CET 2012

Hello All,

I have 4 servers setup exactly the same at 4 different locations. Each
server is using the exact same configs and is working perfectly well
doing what I want it to do. The only issue I have is at the 1
location, I am not getting any accounting requests and therefor
nothing is being updated in the radacct table. Starting radiusd in
debug mode -X shows that its listening for accounting requests the
exact same as the 3 other locations, just no accounting requests are
coming through. Is there any way to do a test to see if its even
listening and working at all? I have been racking my brain over this
the last few days, checking switch and router configs etc but that is
all the same as the other 3 locations as well, everything is the same
at all 4 locations, just this one location isn't doing the accounting.
Any help would be great :)


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