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  Of course I read the radeapclient man page, and in my first e-mail
explained how I was running the radeapclient command.

  From my first e-mail to this list: radeapclient -c3 -r1 -s -x
auth localhost-secret <eapsim-in.txt

  The think is, I don't know how but using the debian pre-compiled package
it didn't work out. However, compiling the sources by myself I was able to
do the simulation.

  Thank you anyway for your "gentle" answers.


2012/1/3 Alan DeKok <aland at>

> Ronaldo Afonso wrote:
> >   "radeapclient" should start the AAA conversation sending the
> > "Access-Request" to the Radius server, right?
>   Yes.
> >   What I have described is that my radeapclient, instead of sending an
> > "Access-Request", is WAITING for some "response" from the server. Does
> > it make sense?
>   Because you didn't read the documentation for radeapclient.
> radeapclient reads the attributes from stdin.  So... if you don't give
> it a file via -f, it will wait for input.
> >   Just remember that I'm trying to "simulate" an EAP-SIM authentication
> > with FreeRadius. I don't have a real SS7 Proxy or SIM authentication
> > server, ok?
>   See src/tests/eapsim-*
>  Alan DeKok.
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