Distributing Certificates

David Mitton david at mitton.com
Fri Jan 6 19:44:20 CET 2012

You can do such things as suggested... but you haven't articulated  
what your goal is and what you will be using the certificates for?
802.1X doesn't "require" certificates... but you may want to use them  
depending on what you are trying to do.


Quoting "Danner, Mearl" <jmdanner at samford.edu>:

> If you are using AD and have a CA set up you can create   
> autoenrollment gpo's for domain attached machines. You can issue   
> either user or computer certs. Can also configure the Windows   
> wireless supplicant via gpo.
> Mearl
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> Now that I have my Radius server configured I need to begin   
> implementation I have 600 computers that will be using it.  The   
> question I am wondering is do I have to go around and install a   
> certificate on every one of the computers and then maintain that   
> every year changing out the certificate on 600 computers or is there  
>  some way that the server passes out certificates when the machine   
> logs on.  Or do I have an incorrect understanding of how to   
> implement 802.1x security.
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