Ignoring failed module in post-auth

Michal Bruncko michal.bruncko at zssos.sk
Mon Jan 9 23:15:02 CET 2012

Hello list

I am using freeradius server as the authenicator for our WPA2 wifi 
network. We are using loggining of result for every authentication 
request from clients to sql database through sql module in post auth 

but in case that the central mysql server (for many radius servers) is 
unreachable, the loggining of request was failed and the module 
executions returns with "++[sql] returns fail" and also whole 
autentication procedure fails with REJCT even if the user was 
successufully authenticated inside the "authenticate" section.

and my question is: how is possible to make change in radiusd 
configuration, that in case of mysql server unreachability the user 
reqested access will be authenicated even of failing sql module.

sql logging is the only used module in post-auth section.

thanks for help

Ing. Michal Bruncko, PhD., CCNP
Linux systems and network administrator
Coupled school of business and services Ruzomberok
Slovak Republic

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