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Am 11.01.12 18:35, schrieb McSparin, Joe:
> Does anyone where some documentation could be found for setting up 
> dialup admin on FreeBSD.
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The programmer(s) AFAIK didn't really write a documentation. I used the 
readme file as aguide when I set it up on FreeBSD. I remember that the 
entire dialupadmin folder was copied into /usr/dialupadmin/ and then the 
htdocs folder was simply linked into /usr/local/www/somewhere via a 
symbolic link ( ln -s ... ) plus you need to tell your apache to make 
use of *.php3 files as well as of *.php files.
I think that covers pretty much it. Detailed guide is as I said in the 
README or INSTALL file inside of the dialupadmin folder.

Greetings L

P.S.: dialupadmin also has a php config file where you may want to ajust 
the paths of the radius binaries ...

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