Cannot control attribute ordering via "rlm_perl"

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Mon Jan 16 09:54:23 CET 2012

Alan DeKok <aland at> writes:
> claude.brown wrote:
>> - Performance issues on our MySQL backend that we didn't have budget to
>> resolve
>> - Thread lock-up's inside MySQL library yet no MySQL server queries were
>> active
>   I've seen lots of people running MySQL with 300K+ users, and no
> problems.  The system needs to be designed carefully, but it *does* work.

You don't even need to be that careful.  Just run a read-only mysql
slave instance locally on the radius server and all mysql-related
performance problems will vanish.

If you do mysql accounting: use buffered-sql aka decoupled-accounting.
It won't fix the performance issues on your accounting mysql-server, but
it will decouple the radius server from any such problems.


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