merging two systems

Blake Hudson blake at
Mon Jan 16 17:55:27 CET 2012

Brian Julin wrote the following on 1/16/2012 9:01 AM:
> Blake Hudson [blake at] writes:
>> What is the preferred method to configure freeradius to authenticate two
>> sets of users out of two databases? Should I look at running multiple
>> instances of freeRADIUS or can I utilize both databases with one instance?
> This should be doable by defining multiple named sql instances, then, based on
> the criteria you use to separate sessions for the two services, invoke one or
> the other of them by name appropriately.  Basically look for every place in
> the configs where the sql module is called, either as a directive, or inside a
> string xlat, and you would have to multiplex each of those statements to
> use the appropriate name (instead of "sql") in the appropriate case.

Thanks for the response, I've created a couple named sql instances, but 
I'm not sure how to configure one nas to use one instance and the other 
nas to use the other instance.

It seems pretty straight forward to use one instance for auth and 
another for accounting, but I did not see an example or documentation on 
how to associate a sql instance to a nas. If you could point me in the 
right direction I'd appreciate it.


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