EAP-session did no finish! (Linux)

Alberto Martínez alberto_martinez at deusto.es
Tue Jan 17 11:13:06 CET 2012


I'm having a hard time migrating FR from one server to another. It worked
perfectly on the former and I was able to make an EAP-PEAP-MSCHAPV2 auth
from both Linux and Windows.

Now I'm stuck with this known error:
WARNING: !! EAP session for state 0xcb306879cb32715a did not finish!
WARNING: !! Please read http://wiki.freeradius.org/Certificate_Compatibility

while trying to authenticate from Windows *and Linux*. I can't find the
problem, since the configuration is almost identical to the working one.
I would appreciate any indication about the issue.

Thank you in advance.

freeradius -XC > http://pastebin.com/p6FKumjm

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