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Could someone please kindly help me with a Freeradius & VPN issue? Any help would be very appreciated!

I'm a non native speaker, so please accept my apologies if I'm not totally clear with my language. It's an issue with a net equipment that implements VPN connections and an the authentication server (implemented with Freeradius).

We work with several software providers who connect with our Intranet through the VPN, in order to make their web applications maintenance tasks. The clients are connected without problems for a long period of time during the night. But eventually the Freeradius (or vpn appliance, we don't know for certain) suddently disconnect the clients from the VPN during the next day in the morning (when our partners are working). Actually several times (maybe 6 times).

They should login again (via automated pppd script and a watchdog). This watchdog also tries to keep open the VPN and if it's not open, it tries to reconnect the VPN again (like a heartbeat).

The error we've seen in the log (we've used radmin and raddebug tools) is:

"Acct-Terminate-Cause = 0"

But in the Radius Accounting RFC ( this value is not permitted (possible values are 1-18).

This is a piece of log, where you can see when a client disconnect from the vpn:

Mon Jan 16 09:19:54 2012
Acct-Session-Id = "<sess_id_num>"
Tunnel-Server-Endpoint:0 = "<IP_1>"
Tunnel-Client-Endpoint:0 = "<IP_2>"
Tunnel-Assignment-Id:0 = "PPTP"
Framed-Protocol = PPP
Framed-IP-Address = <IP_3>
User-Name = "<usr_name>"
Acct-Authentic = RADIUS
Acct-Terminate-Cause = 0
Acct-Session-Time = 125159
Acct-Input-Octets = 1312452
Acct-Output-Octets = 2391455
Acct-Input-Packets = 19372
Acct-Output-Packets = 25170
Acct-Status-Type = Stop
NAS-Port-Type = Virtual
NAS-Port = 323
Service-Type = Framed-User
NAS-IP-Address = <IP_4>
Acct-Delay-Time = 0
Huntgroup-Name = "PPTP"
Acct-Unique-Session-Id = "<acct_sess_id>"
Stripped-User-Name = "<usr_name>"
Realm = "NULL"
Timestamp = 1326701994
Request-Authenticator = Verified

<sess_id_num>, <acct_sess_id>, <IP_x> and <usr_name> aren't real values (they're masked for privacy) although I think the error isn't related to them.
Thank you very much in advance!!

Guillermo Bayon del Oso
<guillermo_bayon at>
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